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More than 2420 users use Safari Software and listen to offers

3500+ Downloads

More than 3500 people download the safari program and enjoy horseback riding and backpacking effortlessly

2420+ Likes

Liking the program ,its shows,facebook page and instagram


More than 4000 works were evaluated for lovers of adventure, Safari, horseback riding and beach baggy among the Pyramids


Cheap and scheduled rent for a camel and a tour of the pyramids

Beach baggy

Rent by price and appointment for all types of beach bags

Stagecoaches and Horses

Rent at the price and time to make a tour among the pyramids by horse and horse

With you at all times!

Have a life application without an intermediary to enjoy all kinds of trips in Nazlat-El-saman and the pyramids and book your trip at a price and time that suits you , gather your companions and take advantage of offers and discounts.

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Team Work

Mr.Ahmed Allam

Executive Director

Wade Warren

Ms.Shroq abdulhamid

Marketing Manager

Wade Warren

Mr.Eslam Marzouq

System Development

Wade Warren